Poem by Ask Them More guest,  @cleowade

Poem by Ask Them More guest, @cleowade


Ask Them More is about uncovering hidden stories, rewriting old narratives and most importantly, asking real questions. 

Host Lily Scout Kwong talks with women who have taken non-traditional paths - artists, entrepreneurs, activists and performers - to learn what lies under the surface of big life decisions, their creations, their challenges and triumphs. 

Ask Them More is about taking our stories back and telling them in our own voice.  It’s a voice that is strong, diverse, wise and witchy that will ultimately inspire you speak up too.

Lily Scout Kwong , Founder


Lily Scout Kwong is a Creative Director working in landscape, fashion and film. 

Her mission is to connect people to nature through education, immersive installations and sustainable design solutions. Lily’s passion for landscape was ignited while working as a Project Director for the Miami Design District.  She recently completed a tropical plant installation for Cityfox’s Mirage, a 30,000 square foot outdoor music venue in industrial Brooklyn.  

Lily is an important voice in the growing sustainable fashion movement and has worked with brands like Maiyet, the Nike Foundation and H&M’s Conscious Collection to make the world a greener, more beautiful place.  American Vogue recognized Lily as one of the 120 most important fashion influencers and she is a contributing editor to Cultured Magazine.

Lily loves real conversations and extraordinary women.  She is dedicated to finding out what makes magical people tick and sharing the answers with the Ask Them More community.